In this section, we explain how to configure the ProL2TP components for common use cases.

Each use case details the ProL2TP components required, and how they work together. Commented configuration files are included to illustrate how to set things up.

  • L2TPv2 Server

    A typical ISP configuration where ProL2TP acts as an L2TP Network Server (LNS) terminating PPP connections over L2TP tunnels.

  • L2TP VPN Server

    A Virtual Private Network setup using L2TP tunnels over IP connections secured with IPSec.

  • L2TP PPPoE Access Concentrator

    A PPPoE Access Concentrator handling incoming PPPoE setup requests and switching the PPP traffic into L2TP tunnels.

  • L2TPv3 Ethernet Bridge

    An Ethernet Bridge linking two site LANs over an IP network using L2TPv3 Ethernet pseudowires.

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