ProL2TP Manual

The ProL2TP suite consists of a number of different applications which work together to provide a flexible stack for L2TP networking on Linux platforms. This manual aims to help you familiarise yourself with the ProL2TP suite.

The manual is split into sections.

Earlier sections are more general, and aim to help you get up and running with ProL2TP as quickly as possible.

The later sections are increasingly in depth and technical, and will be of more use as reference material.

If this is your first time reading the manual, we recommend you read the first two sections to start with. These give an overview of the components making up the ProL2TP suite and cover how to install the packages.

It’s also worth skimming the third section which includes example configurations for various typical use cases.

The subsequent sections of the manual provide more detailed reference material, and can be dipped into as and when you require.

You are reading the manual of ProL2TP: enterprise class L2TP software for Linux systems

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